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Environment Awareness : Issues and Perspective

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  1. Global Water scarcity and the safety of drinking water are today’s concerns and tomorrow’s crisis – Rohan Virendra Yadav, Dr. B. S. Yadav
  2. पर्यावरण ऱ्हासाची कारणे – परिणाम व उपाय योजना – प्रा. डॉ. गणेश दि. देशमुख
  3. E – Waste and Solutions – Dr. K. L. Giramkar, Mr. Dilip Popat Bagul
  4. Environment and Human Health – Dr. V. D. Awari, Prof. P. S. Jadhav
  5. The Importance of Non-Conventional Energy Sources Like Sonochemical and Microwave Irradiation used in Organic Synthesis – Dr. Satish Bhaskarrao Kale
  6. Study Of Environmental Impact Assessment – Dr. B. B. Bhosale
  7. A Review on Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis : A cleaner, Economic and Environment Friendly Technology – Dr. Navnath R. Dalvi
  8. Biodiversity Conservation- Needs and Methods – Dr. B. S. Gaikwad
  9. Effect of Noise Pollution on Environmental Ecosystem – Dr. R. K. Kolhe
  10. A Review of ‘Human & Nature Interface’ – Dr. Shailendra K. Bansode
  11. Diversity of Spider Fauna in Kopargaon Region of Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra State, India – R. D. Gawali, A. R. Gawali
  12. डॉ मुकेश गौतम के ‌‘प्रेम समर्थक हैं पेड़’ कविता संग्रह में पर्यावरण-चेतना – डॉ. जिभाऊ शा. मोरे
  13. Applications of Mathematical Models in Environmental Parameters – Dr. B. D. Gavhane
  14. Environmental Impact on Agriculture – Dr. Surekha Bhingardive
  15. Environment Conservation for Sustainable Development – Dr. S. R. Pagare
  16. Environmental Sustainability and Human Development – Vijay Thange
  17. Environmental Issues and Actions to be taken in Respect of Preservation of Environment – Dr. Sanjay L. Argade


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