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Rural Industrialisation in India


Society can flourish when all sections of populace, sectors of economy and different regions can draw benefits to prosper and progress. Despite India becoming a major power in terms of reasonably high growth rate, it is the home of the largest number of poor. There is a paradoxical situation that benefits of growth have not percolated to all regions and segments of population. Incidence of poverty on account of deprivation in many areas, in terms of socio-economic infrastructure is more evident in rural India. The book centers around this core theme hence takes up the case for rural folks living in countryside. The book covers suggestions based on appraisal to make rural industrialisation more pragmatic and practical in the present context of globalisation. It helps readers in better assimilation on the subject.

  1. Introduction
  2. India Lives In Villages
  3. Brief Historical Review Of India’s Industrial Development
  4. Unemployment And Poverty Situation In India
  5. Industrialisation – Perspective
  6. Evolution Of Policy Of Rural Industrialisation And Related Issues
  7. Brief Survey Of Selected Village Industries
  8. State Initiatives And Interventions
  9. Road Ahead


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