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GG-103-203 | Practical Geography

F.Y.B.Sc. | Sem I-II | Geography

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F.Y.B.Sc. | Sem I-II | GG-103-203
GG-103 : Cartographic Techniques
GG-203 : Map Projection

Cartography is a technique that is primary concerned with the reduction of the spatial characteristic of a large area- a portion or all of the earth or another celestial body and putting it in a form that makes it observable. Just the way spoken and written language allows people to communicate beyond the restriction of having to point to everything, a map also allows us to extend the normal range of vision, so to speak and makes it possible for us to see the larger spatial relations that exist over large areas.
The field cartography has changed enormously during the past four decades, primarily because of the widespread availability of computers. Computers have made for new symbolization, such as dynamic (that is, animated) maps, customized maps for individual users and interactive maps. They have also made possible new methods for scientific visualization and spatial data analysis.
A graph that uses points and lines to represent change over time is defined as a line graph. In other words, it is the chart that shows a line joining multiple points or a line that shows the link between the points.
In order that the facts conveyed by a large number of figures may be grasped clearly and quickly, we resort to representing them by geometric figures and curves called diagrams. Thus a diagram is a drawing which expresses the relationship between quantities. Diagrams are used as aids in understanding the facts represented by statistical data clearly and quickly at a glance. The diagrams representing statistical data are known as statistical diagrams.
Map projection is the method of transferring the graticule of latitude and longitude on a plane surface. It can also be defined as the transformation of spherical network of parallels and meridians on a plane surface. As you know that, the earth on which we live in is not flat. It is geoid in shape like a sphere. A globe is the best model of the earth. Due to this property of the globe, the shape and sizes of the continents and oceans are accurately shown on it. It also shows the directions and distances very accurately.
It is our pleasure to present this book practical geography to the student of F.Y.B.Sc and teachers from different universities especially for KBC, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. The teachers will find lot of deficiencies in this book which are made according to new syllabus.

GG-103 : Cartographic Techniques
Unit 1 : Introduction to Cartography
Unit 2 : Graphs
Unit 3 : Statistical Diagrams
Unit 4 : Distributional Maps

GG-203 : Map Projection
Unit 5 : Introduction to Map Projections
Unit 6 : Classification of Map Projection
Unit 7 : Construction of Map Projections
Unit 8 : Choice & Use of Map Projections


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